Teaching & Learning


The curriculum is at the heart of teaching and learning.

All students follow the National Curriculum - adapted to ensure that the work do is relevant and challenging.

The curriculum incorporates the individual physical, medical and communication needs of students, ideally within the classroom setting and lesson structures - as part of a total understanding of the student’s learning needs. The Outcomes from Education Health and Care Plans, and the specific yearly targets arising from these are central to individual curriculum development.

Primary Classes are taught by a single class teacher, with specialist PE, Swimming and Music input. Within the class curricula individual learning needs are prioritised and the types of activities and tasks are strongly personalised.

From Key Stage Three students begin a secondary modelled curriculum with subject specialist teachers for all subjects. The curriculum is planned to ensure that there are clear progression routes, ideally leading to externally accredited courses in Key Stages Four and Five.

In Key Stages Four and Five the curriculum is driven by the accredited courses followed, with all students retaining English, Mathematics and Computing as core taught subjects.

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