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Valence School



My name is Bob, I am from Hawking 5.

I live in Italy. One day Bob took his cornetto and decided to float across England. Bob drives a Lamborghini.

He works in the ice cream parlour in Greenwich. Turns out the ice cream he makes has magical powers that makes everyone float after they eat it. And then he fell asleep and woke up again. When he woke up he watched the TV. He watches Top Gear.

He also has a pet fox called Frank. In the evening he likes to eat mint choc chip ice cream. His favourite colour is red. His car is orange.

Bob drives his orange Lamborghini to a lemonade stand. Bob takes Frank to Valence School to give them lots of ice cream, whilst singing the Duck Song.

To be continued...............

This story was started by our students in class Hawking 5 - Can you complete Bob's story? Maybe you could send a photo of his adventures with you?

Please email: with the details of Bob's adventure