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Valence School

Leading Parent Partnership Award

Valence School is working towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award.  We look forward to this new venture that will take us approximately 18 months to achieve.


We want the very best for our students and know that effective and positive parent partnerships can have very real and lasting impact within school. Research makes it clear that effective working with parents has a major impact on the learning of children and young people.


We launched this process at the beginning of April 2019 by firstly setting up a working group to represent parents, governors, staff, students and external stakeholders of the school. 


We have asked (and will continue to ask) parents for their views.  We did this through an online survey.  The responses and detailed answers are useful in forming our ongoing actions.


As a school, we have completed a self-evaluation of our relationship with parents, looking at things we do well already and those we could improve.


We have an  LPPA advisor who has supported us with framing our self-evaluation documents and responses from our parental survey. Our action plan will support us in our work towards the award, and more importantly work towards improving relationships and communication with parents, will begin.