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Valence School

Our Learners Are:
Respectful - Resilient - Independent - Positive - Passionate

Our Ethos, Vision & Aims


To provide all students that attend Valence School with a curriculum pathway that meets their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs. Working together with families and a wide range of support agencies, we ensure that students within each curriculum pathway are valued, supported, and challenged to do their very best in preparation for the next stage of their learning and life.  

To do this, we work as a whole school team, striving to create a distinct identity for each curriculum pathway. Central to everything we do and key to the success of each curriculum pathway is our Learning Ethos.


Respectful learners - Valence students respect the rights, needs and views of others. They seek to create an environment where support for each other is commonplace so that everyone feels that they belong.
Resilient learners – Valence students take risks and view failure as a good thing. They are encouraged not to give up easily and always try their best.
Independent learners – Valence students oversee their own learning. They are provided with a wide range of support to enable independence in everything that is required of them.
 Positive learners - Valence students focus on what they ‘can do’ in order to develop as an individual and not what they ‘cannot do’ as a result of their disability.
Passionate learners - Valence students are encouraged to find and develop their own range of interests and to express themselves as they wish in support of their learning.


Our overall aim is to enable every child and young person to achieve meaningful independence.  Students flourish in a supportive but challenging environment, making good educational progress and achieving a range of accreditation as they get older.  There is excellent support to enable students to achieve functional communication, mobility and skills for daily living.