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Valence School

Our Learners Are:
Respectful - Resilient - Independent - Positive - Passionate

Our House System

The Valence House system is designed to create a sense of community, collaboration and foster a positive spirit of competition. The House System provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and take on extra responsibilities. Throughout school, both in lessons and in extracurricular activities, there are numerous opportunities to be awarded House Points for achievements and successes. 

Four houses make up the House System at Valence; named after prominent places in our local community:

Chartwell, Hever, Quebec and Squerryes

To recognise the differing strengths of students, there are five pillars of the House System; Respectfulness, Resilience, Independence, Positivity and Passion.  Within these five pillars, there are various house competitions organised by departments.

Students can collect merits for each of these areas, and may receive a praise postcard which is equivalent to 5 merits!

Awards will be given out to the houses and individual students at certain key points throughout the year.