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Valence School

Our Learners Are:
Respectful - Resilient - Independent - Positive - Passionate


Valence school has a simple-to-follow uniform policy, that is black and white. The items of clothing can be plain, with a school logo or from the Friends of Valence branded range. 

We are mindful of the cost to families buying school uniforms. Therefore, we take the following steps as part of our uniform policy, providing parents and carers with options to suit them. 

Keystage 1 – 4

Students should wear:  

White or black  polo shirt with or without the school logo 
Black trousers with fully elasticated waistband such as tracksuit bottoms or bootleg trousers  
Plain black zipped top or zipped fleece with or without the school logo.  
A suitable rain covering. 
All students must wear shoes, trainers or sports-specific medical shoes. 

We do not have a change in season uniform, this is all year round.


This is kept in school at all times.  
Boys should be mid-thigh trunks, or can be all in one mid-thigh surf suit – not a wetsuit.  
Girls should be all-in-one with crossed back straps, or it can be a leg-suit.

Key Stage 5 (Post 16) 

Valence post 16 students do not wear a uniform. They should wear clothing which is appropriate, and takes into account for safety, hygiene, decency, and physical management. It is not likely to be viewed as too revealing, offensive, discriminatory, culturally sensitive, and sexually provocative and does not contain any political or otherwise contentious slogans. Students are asked to wear appropriate sportswear for any physical activity (not jeans).  

If they wish, they can continue to wear the Friends of Valence branded items and will also be encouraged to wear their house colours for all house competition days.  

Additional items for all students:

A school bag to fit an A4 student organiser file.

Everything must be clearly named. 

Jewellery should be safe piercing, ideally studs and must be removable for PE

Tattoos should not be visible. 


Valence Logo Branded Uniform

The order form for this clothing range is below and can be handed into reception with the payment. A copy of this form is also available from reception.

Friends of Valence Ethos Branded clothing range  

Students can also wear Valence Ethos branded items. These are available in a full range of colours and students can wear any colour from the range as long as it is our branded item. Please remember that all students belong to a house and these houses have associated colours. For house competitions, our students are encouraged to wear their house colours, so you might wish to bear this in mind if you are purchasing a Friends of Valence Ethos Branded item.  

Link to Friends of Valence shop