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Valence School

Working with Children & Young People in Mainstream Schools & Academies

If your son or daughter is at a school in the Sevenoaks District and you are concerned that they have a learning difficulty or disability affecting their development and progress, you should initially ask to speak with your child’s class teacher or SENCO to discuss your concerns. Alternatively, they may ask to speak with you about your child.

After discussion it may be felt that your child requires additional intervention or provision to support inclusion in the classroom. They may be included in additional interventions as outlined on a class provision map or it might be suggested that it would be helpful to write a  personalised plan, with supportive targets and strategies. The plan and impact of the interventions will be reviewed with you three times a year.

If the targets have not been met by additional intervention your child may benefit from additional specialist advice or support. The SENCO will discuss this with you and with your agreement complete a referral for your child’s needs to be discussed at the Local Inclusion Team Forum (LIFT). You will need to sign an Agreement to Engage form

The LIFT meeting is led by the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service Lead. It is attended by practitioners such as the Educational Psychologist, a Specialist Teacher based at Valence School, one of the Outreach Staff based at Milestone Academy, the Inclusion Advisor and a small number of SENCOs from neighbouring schools. On some occasions, other professionals such as the Speech and Language Therapist or Provision Officer might attend.